Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Bigbang's Let me hear your voice(jpop)

new jpop song from bigbang

Kpop performances ^__^

I just luv the choreography of this song...i love lachata but this is even better...
I wonder who is doing the choreography for F(x)'s songs....really awesOme!!!sugoii...

Yaaaaaay!!!!!!!!!Park Bom of 2ne1 solo performance...YOU and I
looooove the song....such a powerful voice...too bad she couldnt sing at her best in this performance. First she was sitting(that's a really hard position to sing) next she stands and walks...then does a choreo while singing....i wish that she didnt dance....i think the choreo doesnt fit the song...she should've sang it a would've looked better...


Monday, November 9, 2009

To Live than To Exist
As a person that I am
I am man
This body
This soul
Consists my existence

But a soul wouldn’t be complete
On existence alone
It has ideals, aspirations
Dreams, principles and goals

To live is man’s ultimate goal
To be human is what it is for
To be human is what to achieve

It is a lot more than just surviving
There’s pain, there’s sorrow
There’s mistake then comes failure
But I chose to live
Face fears
Triumph over weakness

Living is so much more
Than just being alive
It is a willingness to want
A wanting to strive

Strive to be free
Touch lives
Lend a helping hand
Console, appreciate, inspire, forgive
Free the hindered heart

Living is to feel
Feel happiness, love, sadness, hate, anger, even pain
Feeling, learning, experiencing these emotions
Warms the heart turned cold by existence

Hiding from the world
Contented with only existence
Will not bring you anywhere
But to a meaningless death

Living is to live your life to the fullest
Lucky we are of our existence
But fulfillment is not found in existence alone
Living towards fulfillment
The essence of being human