Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I could remember it
as if it was yesterday...

Memories that you have always treasured
now vague and so distant
stripped by time's powerful passsage
now as you tried your hardest
and failed at your attempt,
realizing the truth
is a double-edged sword
cuts deep down your throat
straight to your heart...

A piece of my heart (written last Sept. 22,2008)

Though life seems hard
and even if everybody put you down
even if you are invisible to other people's eyes
even if you weep in pain
a prisoner within life
as if in a dark endless cage

like a feather in the wind
that follows the wind's free rhythm
liberate yourself from all the pain
be strong
pull yourself frm the endless sorrow
be a soldier
to face every blow
be a bird free to wonder
be a sun which shines through countless rain

most of all
feel free to express
be true to yourself

Raged soul (written last Sept.23,2008)

I feel lifeless
i feel numb
i feel only pain
constantly dwelling inside
i'm sensitive vulnerable and weak
like a dry leaf falling from a tree
drained away of all its life

i gave my all
sacrificed all life's pleasures
locked myself inside a cell
to toil for countles nights
i did it all,
all for just one purpose
yet in the end
i found
my all wasn't enough
turned into nothingness
all useless
a cloud of dreams it remained
all those nights
all are forgotten
burned into a memory
left to rot in time

all that is remained
a heart full of endless pain
a heart raged with sorrow and hate

'One Summer Morning"

Warm rays of summer seep through the glass
a gentle breeze runs relentlessly through an empty space
a soul writes an unfinished piece
on what his heart content
a heart thats filled with woes and pain, with sadness and lonliness
a silence that remained unbroken
a winter of storms
the dark sky now broken by the summer sun
signs of new life arise
and now, that heart
as cold as ice,
now has been given warmth and new life.

A blank canvas
Tarnished ceiling
my eyes gazed on whats above me
lying down
looking into deep space
staring staring
slowly getting caught in my own world
full of floating thoughts and dreams
i was wandering, wandering...
Looking for answers,
or it might be a purpose
i have opened so many doors
i've found so many things
but thats not what i'm looking for
and so i keep on searching
as i continue in my never ending journey

A never ending journey
countless encounters
a road u thought to lead somewhere
but lèft u running in circles

being lost with no where to go
is that to be considered a mistake
or there might be an option
always present
just hidden from our eyes
to go on or to give up
questions that inhabit the mind
along with a string of ifs and maybes
hindering a young heart


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